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BIAFE Receives Award of Merit Award through the Niagara Impact Awards

Updated: May 2

The Brain Injury Association of Fort Erie (BIAFE), receiving the Award of Merit through the Niagara Impact Awards, underscores our contributions to the Fort Erie and South Niagara community. Merit awards are designed to encourage outstanding performance, reward excellence in staff achievements, and foster staff development by recognizing exceptional workplace creativity, innovation, and sustained excellence in support of University business and administrative functions.

BIAFE has become a cornerstone in Fort Erie, providing invaluable resources and hope to those navigating the challenges of brain injury recovery. It is an honour not only to be under consideration but to be awarded for our efforts, it highlights our dedication and serves as a testament to the impact we are making.

Included with the award, Jim Bradley writes, "In recognition of your services to the community through your commitment to caring and providing services that enable individuals and their families affected by brain injuries, brain diseases, and disorders to live life as fully as possible. Your assistance in connecting people with the right resources, coordinating services, providing financial assistance, consulting, support, and much more is to be commended."

BIAFE looks forward to introducing more initiatives to help elevate the organization and become even more valuable to the members we serve. To learn more about what we are doing stay in the loop with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on our website,

Award of Merit 2024 - niagara impact awards

And, amidst the incredible recognition we received at BIAFE, we are thrilled to learn that one of our esteemed Board Members received her own well-deserved recognition.

Betty Talbot, our dedicated Treasurer, embodies the spirit of advocacy for BIAFE. Her unwavering commitment extends far beyond our organization, encompassing contributions to Fort Erie's community activities with the Ridgeway Legion, Kin Club, and Community Living.

Thank you for all that you do, Betty! From the entire South Niagara community. 

Niagara Impact Recognition - Betty Talbot

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